MYW S02 Episode 05 – The Importance of Sleep

We all know getting enough sleep is important, but a good night’s rest is often one of the first things we skip out on when life gets busy. In this episode, we cover the intersection between sleep and work. We outline some of the work-related consequences of lacking sleep, explain how work can hinder employees’ sleep, and discuss some of the ways organizations can support their employees’ sleep schedules and wellbeing. We also share some of our own experiences, and challenges, when it comes to sleep hygiene.



1:04: Episode outline

1:52: The consequences of a lack of sleep

4:01: Why lacking sleep is harmful

7:16: How work interferes with sleep

11:01: What can organizations do to support their employees when it comes to sleep?

14:45: What can we do as individuals to improve our sleep?

17:28: Our own sleep hygiene practices and personal recommendations for getting a better sleep

23:12: Sleep tracking applications and This is Not Homework


Mentioned This Episode:

f.lux – Blue light reducing software

Felix Gray – blue light blocking glasses

sleepscore and Sleep Cycle – Sleep tracking applications – Email us your ideas here!

MindYourWorkIO – Send us a tweet! – Find us here!



Our intro and outro music is “Ingenuity” by Lee Rosevere, licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0). You can find more of Lee’s music at Our transition music for this episode is “Looking Back” also by Lee; licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0).


Logo Artwork by Antonella Espinoza. Find her at @ellaspin on Twitter!

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