About Us

Mind Your Work is written, produced, and hosted by us:

Jose Espinoza and Nicholas Bremner

We are Industrial-Organizational Psychologists: we do research on individual and group dynamics in the workplace and help organizations make better decisions about their people.

You can read more about us below…

Jose Espinoza

Jose earned his MSc in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Western University and is currently pursuing his PhD as well. His research is focused on exploring the role of purpose as a fundamental human motivation and its implications in the workplace. His research interests also extend to other areas, such as employee well-being, commitment, leadership, and the application of recently developed statistical techniques to attain a more nuanced understanding of well-established findings in the I/O literature.

His work can be found in The Handbook of Employee Commitment and the Journal of Well-Being Assessment. He’s also presented his work at various conferences including SIOP, APS, and CPA.

Nicholas Bremner

Nicholas spends a lot of his time thinking about work – not because he’s stressed out, but because he probably enjoys thinking a little too much about how Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology can make workplaces better. Nicholas holds a Masters in Management Science from the Telfer School of Management (University of Ottawa, Canada) and a PhD in I-O Psychology from Western University (Canada). He has broad interests related to science and work, but is particularly interested in the factors that attract individuals to organizations and cause employees to commit their full selves to their organization and work each day. Nicholas has published work on leadership, followership, personality, and employee commitment in peer-reviewed books and journals. He has also been invited to speak about topics such as employee engagement and why corporate social responsibility matters to employees at conferences across North America.

Nicholas currently works as a People Research Scientist at Uber where he leads the design and execution Uber’s employee listening program.