For the dedicated listener wanting to learn more. Here are some of our favorite resources about the science of work:

IOatwork – Enjoy reading about summaries of cutting-edge research in work psychology? IOatwork provides you with just that. With dozens of research summaries on topics from diversity to selection, there’s a good chance you’ll find something that interests you here.

ScienceForWork – Champions of evidence-based management, ScienceForWork’s approach to summarizing cutting-edge research in easy-to-read articles, interviews with thought leaders, and sharp infographics has attracted a significant amount of attention.

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) – Interested in Industrial/Organizational Psychology as a discipline or career? SIOP is your one-stop-shop for learning about the growing profession and networking with people in the area. SIOP is responsible for establishing the guidelines of professional and ethical practice in I/O psychology and hosts a very well-attended annual conference.

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) – SHRM is to human resource practitioners as SIOP is to I/O psychologists. If you have a broad interest in Human Resources, SHRM has a wide array of learning resources, tools, and events.

The HEXACO Personality Test – Want to get some insight into your own personality or get a personality score for friends or family? Don’t bother putting in your email to answer pseudo-scientific (dare we say anti-scientific?) personality quizzes on Facebook or Buzzfeed, and check this website out instead. You will get accurate results based on cutting-edge research in personality and will help contribute to the state of the science!