MYW S01 Episode 08 – What’s next for MindYourWork

The year is coming to a close so we take a few minutes to review Season 1 of MindYourWork and talk about some exciting new things happening in Season 2! Timestamps: 00:25: Introduction and thanks! 01:50: Adjustments to the release schedule 03:33: Our exciting new mini-series 06:40: A preview of Season 2 Mentioned This Episode: […]

MYW S01 Episode 07 – The Power of Goals

We’ve all set goals that we never attain. The research says that goals, however, are one of the most powerful motivators we have access to. In this episode, we explore goal-setting theory and provide you with all the information you’ll need to design better goals and tap into their motivational power. Timestamps:01:27: Why are goals […]

MYW S01 Episode 06 – What Attracts People to Organizations

What is it about an organization that makes it an attractive place to work? In this episode, we describe the process of organizational attraction from beginning to end and explain why someone would likely choose one organization over another. We also discuss modern strategies for engaging and attracting candidates such as social media and reframing […]

MYW S01 Episode 05 – Manager and Leader, Can You Be Both?

What’s the difference between leaders and managers? Are leaders born or made? In this episode, we answer these questions and discuss leadership through the lens of “transformational leadership” – a concise way of describing why leaders are so effective and held in such high regard. We conclude with discussing what you can do if you […]

MYW S01 Episode 04 – Mindfulness at Work

This episode focuses (no pun intended) on the practice of mindfulness and its implications for our behavior and personal experience at work. The hosts discuss everything from whether being mindful is something you’re born with or whether you can learn it to what are the potential negatives of mindfulness on your ego! Timestamps:00:48 Discussion of […]

MYW S01 Episode 03 – Personality in the Workplace (Part 2)

In this episode, we keep the discussion going on personality to address different ways of measuring this concept and talk about where the future of personality assessment is headed. We cover how personality test results differ when you rate yourself versus when someone else rates you, and why this is likely to happen. We also […]

MYW S01 Episode 02 – Personality in the Workplace (Part 1)

Online personality tests can be fun and might teach you a little bit about yourself, but what is personality exactly? In this episode, we describe a popular science-based model of personality and talk about how this applies to the workplace. We also discuss how different personalities affect the performance of teams and pose the question, […]

MYW S01 Episode 01 – The 9-to-5 Workday

Ever wonder where the standard 8-hour workday came from? Is it really the best way for us to work? What alternatives are there? In this episode, we discuss these issues and more, summarizing some of the key research in this area to shed light on the familiar 9-to-5 workday. Timestamps: 00:40: Topic introduction and the […]

MYW S01 Episode 00 – An Introduction

Find out more about the hosts, Jose and Nicholas as they tell you about themselves and why they decided to create this podcast. Timestamps: 00:25: What is this podcast and why should you listen to it? 02:30: Introduction to Jose Espinoza 03:05: Introduction to Nicholas Bremner 03:46: Outro Mentioned This – Find us here! […]