MYW S01 Episode 06 – What Attracts People to Organizations

What is it about an organization that makes it an attractive place to work? In this episode, we describe the process of organizational attraction from beginning to end and explain why someone would likely choose one organization over another. We also discuss modern strategies for engaging and attracting candidates such as social media and reframing the candidate experience.

01:32 Episode outline
03:20 Stage 1: Subconscious attraction and brand
05:20 Stage 2: Initial attraction to the organization
07:54 Stage 3: Attraction through tailored information
09:58 Mechanisms of attraction
11:10 Stage 4: Attraction from the inside: verifying attraction through experience
12:36 New strategies for attracting employees
13:32 Arby’s Twitter account: Using social media to attract candidates
16:26 General Electrics’ Instagram and the curation of brands online
21:20 Reframing the “candidate experience” through data
23:35 This is Not Homework: Recruitment videos

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