MYW S01 Episode 04 – Mindfulness at Work

This episode focuses (no pun intended) on the practice of mindfulness and its implications for our behavior and personal experience at work. The hosts discuss everything from whether being mindful is something you’re born with or whether you can learn it to what are the potential negatives of mindfulness on your ego!

00:48 Discussion of workplace distractions and does your cell phone lower your IQ
01:50 Understanding what we mean by mindfulness
05:06 Nature vs. nurture and mindfulness as a trait
06:39 The research on the benefits of mindfulness
10:10 Potential negatives of mindfulness and misapplications in the West
14:08 Common mindfulness interventions
17:32 The hosts discuss their personal experiences with mindfulness
20:09 This Is Not Homework and your thoughts on implementing mindfulness at work

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Handbook of Mindfulness: Theory, Research, and Practice (2015; Eds. Brown, Creswell, & Ryan) – Comprehensive textbook on the science of mindfulness
Headspace – Guided meditation app for beginners to seasoned meditators
Awake at Work (2006; Michael Carroll) – Practical guide for being more mindful in the workplace

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