MYW S01 Episode 03 – Personality in the Workplace (Part 2)

In this episode, we keep the discussion going on personality to address different ways of measuring this concept and talk about where the future of personality assessment is headed. We cover how personality test results differ when you rate yourself versus when someone else rates you, and why this is likely to happen. We also discuss a new method of measuring personality that doesn’t ask you any questions about yourself at all (hint: it involves machine learning).

00:47: A recap of our previous episode and an introduction to Part 2!
02:50: Jose and Nicholas discuss self- and other-ratings of personality and the implications of whether you or someone else knows you best
09:04: Discussion of Honesty-Humility, a unique trait to the HEXACO, and the relevance of impression management and self-monitoring
14:15: Personality assessments based on social media using algorithms
19:23: Employers’ current use of personality assessments and potential future uses
23:57: This is Not Homework and learning about data privacy

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“People Don’t Actually Know Themselves Very Well” in The Atlantic – An article on the accuracy of self- versus other-ratings of personality. – Get an algorithm-based assessment of your personality. Run by the University of Cambridge (NOT Cambridge Analytica!) – An interactive documentary on data privacy

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