MYW S01 Episode 02 – Personality in the Workplace (Part 1)

Online personality tests can be fun and might teach you a little bit about yourself, but what is personality exactly? In this episode, we describe a popular science-based model of personality and talk about how this applies to the workplace. We also discuss how different personalities affect the performance of teams and pose the question, “are some personalities better than others in a work environment?”

01:07: Introduction to personality and what do we mean by that
03:00: The Big Five Model of Personality (OCEAN)
07:53: How does personality influence individual performance
10:47: How do we study teamwork
13:28: The research on the impact of personality on teams
18:41: Are some personality traits “better” than others overall or better for certain jobs?
21:44: This Is Not Homework and how to answer personality surveys

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