MYW Unscripted Episode 03 – Jose and Nicholas Do Their Homework: Recruitment Videos

Almost a full season later, Jose and Nicholas finally get around to doing their homework! In this episode, we watch and discuss three very different recruitment videos mentioned in our episode on “What Attracts People to Organizations” (Season 1, Episode 6). We talk about some of the key messages that organizations try to communicate through recruitment videos and what they can tell you (and not tell you) about the organization’s culture. We also discuss the limitations of recruitment videos in general and the importance of seeking information from other sources to help you learn more about your potential organizational suitor.


0:22: What are we talking about today, exactly?

1:51: Amazon recruitment video discussion

4:47: New Zealand Police recruitment video discussion

9:09: Fiverr recruitment video discussion

11:16: General impressions

Mentioned This Episode:

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New New Zealand Police Recruitment Video –

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MindYourWorkIO – Send us a tweet! – Find us here!


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