MYW S02 Episode 03 – What to Do About Burnout

Burnout is a commonly discussed topic these days, but what exactly is burnout and is it really a “millennial condition” as the popular press suggests it is? In this episode, we explain what it means to experience burnout at work and discuss some of the workplace challenges that often lead to burning out. We also provide some suggestions that may help you, or others, cope with burnout. We cap off with some discussion about burnout as a cultural phenomenon and if burnout can be viewed as a form of adaptation to the kind of work we do.


1:10: What is burnout?

2:46: What causes burnout at work?

4:54: Examples of stressors (autonomy, role ambiguity, role conflict)

7:34: Even more stressors – emotional dissonance and work-life conflict

9:48: Preventing and coping with burnout

12:00: Helping others cope with burnout as a manager or peer

14:02: Do we live in a burnout culture?

19:26: Does burnout protect us from emotional demands at work?

22:35: This is not Homework: Burnout self-assessment

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