MYW S02 Episode 06 – Mentorship

Mentorship is a well-known concept that is ubiquitous in organizations and frequently depicted in popular media (remember Master Yoda? “Do. Or do not. There is no try”). This is for good reason as mentors are the teachers, guides, and confidants who help us grow and reach our potential. In this episode, we discuss the research behind mentorship in the workplace. We outline some of the benefits of mentoring for mentees, the mentors themselves, and organizations. We also discuss some alternative forms of mentoring, such as sponsorship and “reverse mentoring”.



1:28: What is mentorship?

3:20: Formal vs informal mentorship

6:23: Benefits of mentoring for individuals

10:02: Benefits of mentoring for organizations

11:27: How to get the most of your mentorship program

13:20: Alternatives to mentorship programs

24:45: This is Not Homework ­– What could you offer to others as a mentor?


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