MYW S02 Episode 02 – Psychological Safety

When was the last time you avoided speaking up or trying something new because you were afraid of what others might think or say about you? This is a common feeling in psychologically unsafe environments. This episode, we discuss what psychological safety is, why it is important to foster in work environments, and how to go about creating a psychologically safe space for your team. We also share our own experiences with two highly charged environments that require significant amounts of vulnerability and (by association) psychological safety for you to “perform” effectively.


1:00: What is psychological safety?

2:35: What implications does psychological safety have for workplaces?

4:25: How do you foster a psychologically safe work environment?

7:37: This is not Homework: Identifying psychologically safe and unsafe environments

8:41: Our experiences in psychologically (un)safe environments

8:58: Nicholas’s example: improv classes

14:39: Jose’s example: playing in a band

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