MYW S02 Episode 01 – Office 2.0 & Virtual Work Environments

If you work on a computer, you’ve likely been touched in some way by the advances that have made “Office 2.0” possible. In this episode, we discuss a key aspect of tech-enabled work environments: telework and virtual teams. We cover what the research says about the pros and cons of these arrangements, some important factors to consider to have an effective virtual team, and how to know if you are well-equipped to be effective as a remote worker.


1:00: What is Office 2.0?

1:35: What are teleworkers and virtual teams?

2:58: Prevalence of virtual teams and benefit to organizations

5:02: Impact of telework and virtual teams on employees

6:50: The importance of trust and social interaction in virtual teams

10:01: Balancing office work and telework

12:16: Competencies and traits that help with remote work

14:50: Our experience making a podcast as a virtual team

19:45: This is not Homework: What other technologies could we leverage for the podcast?

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