MYW S02 Episode 04 – Bad Behavior at Work

On this episode, Jose and Nicholas discuss the research on Counter-productive Work Behaviors (CWBs). CWB is the umbrella term that covers a wide variety of behaviors that intentionally harm the organization or other employees. We cover everything from theft and fraud to the newest kind of CWB to enter the workplace, cyberloafing. Listen and find out why firing the ‘bad apples’ is not enough and what you can do instead.


0:56: An introduction to Counter-productive Work Behaviors and their cost

3:50: The costs of CWBs to organizations

5:35: The drivers of CWBs – Understanding the frustration-emotion link

8:42: What about CWBs that are not driven just by frustration?

10:22: Selecting out the ‘bad apples’ and why it’s not enough

13:50: A summary of what we know and what can we do reduce CWBs

17:45: Cyberloafing: The latest and most prevalent form of CWB

22:20: Wrapping up and This Is Not Homework

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